Big Eyed Beauty

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Our African jewelry, including necklaces made out of paper like ours, are known for their quality and beauty all over the world.


Big Eyed Beauty Other necklaces are of medium length unless specified as double long, or short. Please note that the photos shown are representative, but each necklace is unique in color shadings and patterns may vary from the photo shown. We also offer bracelets and earrings which can be made to match the necklaces.

3 reviews for Big Eyed Beauty

  1. Lucka

    Thanks Jamey! Yup, gotta lo-ove Braveheart. The whsa–brlve-hero-fighting-all-theeodds-and-even-when-he-loseo-he-wins thing is inspiring! Blessings to you and Edwinna also.

  2. Jayhawk

    What a beautiful dress! Simple yet sodcistihatep. Pure elegance. And photos are so elegant, too! Judging by the choice of the photographer (and of the dress and the details) the bride must have an excellent taste.

  3. Caro

    She has been on some creative food streak the last year. The other day she made some weird waoermeltn and olive oil or something salad. I almost ran to the shower to vom. And then she went on to say people were chasing her down for the recipe.

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