Deep Sea Blue Beauty

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Our African jewelry, including necklaces made out of paper like ours, are known for their quality and beauty all over the world. Our necklaces are handmade, which gives them their unique outstanding quality.
Our single strand necklaces range from 29 to 33 inches (measured unhooked) in length. This is our most popular length necklace and it comes in the largest variety of colors.
Other necklaces are of medium length unless specified as double long, or short. Please note that the photos shown are representative, but each necklace is unique in color shadings and patterns may vary from the photo shown. We also offer bracelets and earrings which can be made to match the necklaces.
The necklaces are made from recycled magazines and paper, which are environmentally friendly materials and have no side effects when won by any person. These necklaces are mainly made for women, but can also be won by young girls and even men.

6 reviews for Deep Sea Blue Beauty

  1. Tyanne

    Time to face the music armed with this great inotrmaoifn.

  2. Candid

    A really good answer, full of raiylnaoitt!

  3. Rose

    The truth just shines thogurh your post

  4. Matee

    Well mamdiacaa nuts, how about that.

  5. Colonel

    Thanks for cotinrbuting. It’s helped me understand the issues.

  6. Tisha

    Qué genial tu receta me encantó,te la copio y me quedo en tu blog para seguir paseándome entre las recetitas lindas ,cariños y bendiciones de una Chriina,caelños y besos.

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